Mac Cosmetic Employee Discount

What is Mac employee discount?

We get a hefty 60% discount on products but luckily we have a monthly allowance so you know, we don’t end up spending all of our money.

How much do MAC Cosmetics employees make?

The average MAC Cosmetics salary ranges from approximately $20,000 per year for Artist to $59,644 per year for Assistant Store Manager. Average MAC Cosmetics hourly pay ranges from approximately $15.16 per hour for Cashier to $25.00 per hour for Third Key Manager.

Can I use my Mac employee discount online?

Members in Canada and the United States can use their discount benefit to purchase Pro product online at, Pro Stores or by telephone through our Customer Service Department at 800.387. 6707, ext. 8555.

Do Mac employees get free makeup?

MAC’s annual gratis is a time when staff members can order a selection of their favourite products for free. The actual dream. 3. … There’s no taking a makeup free day if you work at MAC because the MAC MUA’s are expected to wear a full face of makeup all of the time.

Do I tip MAC makeup artist?

If you want to, go ahead. [ if you don’t wana tip urmakeup artist a few bucks for applying ur makeup and doing a good job thats wrong! ] No, it’s not. If people want to tip the MAC girl, fine but to say it’s wrong if you don’t is…

Does Mac train makeup artists?

Get makeup artist training

Cosmetics. Unless you’re an artist who’s already working for the company, there aren’t any open makeup classes offered by M.A.C. for emerging artists. … You get to customize your training for where you want to go in your makeup career.

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Do MAC makeup artists make commission?

13 There Are Rigid Sales Goals But No Commissions

Many makeup artists joined MAC because, given the rigorous interview process and the philosophy promoted by the company, they assumed that artistry was valued over sales.

What is the starting pay at Sephora?

$14.77 an hour

Does Mac still take empty containers 2020?


Your makeup obsession does pay off! With their “Back to M.A.C” recycling program, the glam cosmetic powerhouse will give you a free lipstick in exchange for six of your empties. Recycling is available in-store or online.

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