Runescape F2p Cosmetic Overrides

How do you get a cosmetic override in Runescape?

Obtaining. The majority of cosmetic overrides are purchased from Solomon’s General Store. Aside from the General Store, overrides are also unlocked once a certain activity, quest or seasonal event is completed and other times through completing outfit sets from Treasure Hunter.

How do I access customization on Runescape?

The customisation option is accessed through the masquerade ribbon button. Players can change the title that displays next to their name, or select which animations play when performing certain actions.

How do I change my outfit in Runescape?

If you would like to change your clothes, right click Thessalia and select “Change-clothes”. Once the interface appears, you can choose from a wide variety of clothes. You can change the types and colors of your shirt, legs, sleeves and armguards here.

How do you keepsake?

To keepsake an item, open the Customisation interface, go to the wardrobe tab, and click the keepsake button. Drag the item from the inventory into the open keepsake slot. Click on this slot to equip the item.

How do I change my RuneScape interface?

If you just wanna toggle the new interface mode but use the legacy combat: on the options menu, just hit the settings button on the left side, and the click gameplay settings in the new settings menu.

Where is Solomon’s General Store RuneScape?


How do you change your hair on Runescape?

The Hairdresser can change a player’s hairstyle. The hairdresser does not charge for new hairstyles. He is located in north-west Falador, near the mace shop. Alternatively, the player can click to the “Worn Equipment” tab, then “Customisation” and select the Avatar, then the Hairstyles option.

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Where is thessalia in Runescape?

Thessalia’s Fine Clothes is a clothes shop run by Thessalia, located south of Varrock Square. In addition to selling clothes, Thessalia will offer to give a player a “total clothing-makeover”, currently for free. This allows the player to change the default shirt or pants they chose when creating their character.

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