Sono Bello Cosmetic Surgery

How much does Sono Bello Neck Lift Cost?

It tightens and lifts sagging skin in the neck and jawline area, reduces vertical neck bands, and reduces jowls and fullness under the skin. Lift by Sono Bello costs $3,100 , according to 1 review on RealSelf.

What is the difference between Sono Bello and CoolSculpting?

Sono Bello is a surgical procedure that involves anesthesia, small incisions, and manual extraction of excess adipose tissue. It can be used to reduce small and larger volumes of fat. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that delivers controlled cooling to freeze and destroy stubborn fat bulges.

What does Sono Bello do to remove fat?

At Sono Bello, we design liposuction techniques to remove fat cell populations in areas called “aesthetic units” so if weight is gained, that area will enlarge in harmony with the body and not selectively more than other areas in the body as was witnessed in the procedure.

Is Sonobello a surgery?

Sono Bello® offers multiple customized procedures that make it possible to have the transformation you want at a price you can afford. Our most popular treatment, TriSculpt® is a state-of-the-art liposuction surgery that specifically targets your body’s problem areas and eliminates fat in as little as one day.

What is the down time for Sono Bello?

2-6 months

What is a micro neck lift?

The Micro-Mini Lift is a small-incision procedure to firm the jawline and improve drooping in the neck. It is a modified facelift procedure that is minimally invasive and promotes speedier recovery time, by respecting the delicate underlying structures of the face.

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Does fat come back after Sono Bello?

While it is possible to gain weight again in the treated areas (since we generally can only remove about 50-70% of the fat cells), after Sono Bello® treats an area there simply won’t be as many fat cells left to expand there if a patient does gain weight later.

Is Sono Bello painful?

Is Sono Bello painful? A: Because Sono Bello uses local anesthesia, patients should not feel pain. However, there may be mild discomfort during and shortly after the procedure.4 дня назад

How much is Sono Bello for your stomach?

Sono Bello PricesItemPricePer AreaStomach$1,395.00Waist$1,395.00Hips$1,395.00Ещё 24 строки

Is Sono Bello a safe procedure?

You need help from a friend after Sono Bello. The risk is also an important factor. For any medication you take, there’s a chance your body will react poorly. Sono Bello’s local anesthesia may be less risky than general anesthesia, but it’s not as safe as skipping anesthesia.

How much fat can Sonobello remove?

Each liposuction event may result in a maximum of 4000-5000cc of fat being removed. It is not uncommon for some patients to lose 20-30 pounds following liposuction with maintenance of a well balanced healthy life style.

What is the best fat reduction treatment?


  • CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared freezing technology that causes fat cells to crystallize, thus permanently removing unwanted fat cells.
  • CoolSculpting is a great option for people interested in targeting areas of fat that have not been eliminated with diet and exercise alone.

Does Sono Bello do tummy tucks?

Most people are familiar with the “tummy tuck” procedure. To this end, there are several other surgical options to include liposuction, mini-tuck, and even customized unique offerings, such as Tri-Sculpt EX by Sono Bello.

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What procedure does Sono Bello use?

A minimally-invasive liposuction procedure like Sono Bello’s TriSculpt is a surgery, performed by a trained physician. A small incision allows the surgeon to use micro cannulas and gentle suction to remove the majority of unwanted fat from a section of your body.

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