Mac Cosmetic Return Policy

Can you return MAC makeup after using it?

MAC will take returns on used products…but you need the receipt since you can buy MAC at a MAC store, Nordstrom, Macys, Bloomies, etc.

How long do you have to return MAC cosmetics?

15 days

Can you return opened makeup? Yes, you can! Beauty purchases are covered by the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, which allows returns of opened beauty products within 30 days of delivery for a refund or in-store credit.

What counts for Back to Mac?

MAC accepts “primary packaging,” meaning the material that actually encases the product. Lipstick tubes, lash cases, blush compacts, eye shadow pots, foundation tubes and bottles, and skincare bottles all count. “Secondary packaging,” such as the cardboard box your makeup came in, does not.

Does Mac collect empty containers?

After you collect six empty containers, you’ll be able to get a free M.A.C. lipstick, Lipglass, or eye shadow. The Back-to-M.A.C. program recycles the empties and you get a freebie for helping out the environment. … M.A.C. accepts what they call “primary packaging,” which is the material that the product is encased in.

Does Mac give you a birthday gift?

M·A·C Lover Devoted and Obsessed members receive a special gift every year in their birthday month, if they have provided their birth date in their account profile. … Birthday gifts must be redeemed during your birthday month.

How do I return a Mac product?

Only products purchased on may be returned. If you prefer to return your order in store, please provide the store associate with your email address or bring your shipping confirmation email with you as a proof of purchase. Print the label from your email. Carefully pack items into the box.

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Does Mac still take empty containers 2019?

When you return six completely used containers to the MAC counter, you can walk away with free makeup. … Qualified containers include blush compacts, eyeshadow pots, foundation bottles, lipstick tubes, and more. And once the products are returned to MAC through this program, they get recycled by the retailer.

Who is the owner of Mac?

Estée Lauder Companies

What happens to makeup when you return it?

All used products are to be destroyed in field(DIF), damaged and taken out of the store inventory and placed in an area that is designated for destroyed products. Some of these products do end up just being thrown away (rules the company has to abide by) but some products, depending on the brand for ex.

Can I return makeup to Superdrug?

We hope you’ll love your Superdrug order but if you want to return any of it back to any of our stores, we will happily refund you for any of the items you return to us in an unused and resalable condition within 28 days of receipt.

Can I return foundation if wrong Colour?

Boots will now let you exchange opened makeup if you buy products in the wrong shades. Boots has announced that it’s introducing a new policy allowing you to exchange opened makeup products if you’ve bought the wrong shade in store.

Can you back to Mac travel size?

You cannot back to MAC travel size products.

Does Mac give free lipstick?

We’d love to do your makeup! … By returning six (6) M·A·C primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter or M·A·C Cosmetics Online, you will receive a free M·A·C lipstick of your choice as a thank you.

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